Mongrel Game Presskit

The Game

The only action-platformer where your only form of public transport is getting flushed in a toilet! 

Mongrel game is an action-platformer with metroidvania elements coming for Windows and hopefully Switch! The game is inspired by Conker’s Bad Fur Day, The Legend of Zelda and Metroidvania-style games. The game has:

  • Fully voiced characters.
  • Vast world with many contrasting regions.
  • Incredibly dynamic main character with a deep expression system. 
  • Countless secrets and weapons.

Story in Mongrel

Finch is a half human, half frog – a mongrel! This gives him mysterious powers. As quick as a hawk and strong as a bear Finch faces danger without fear!  

Evil has conquered the world, it’s up to Finch to restore Yonder to it’s former glory! Fergooson the evil mastermind has escaped the underworld to seek his revenge! Do you think you have what it takes to beat him?  

The world in Mongrel is vast and has huge contrasts. From the troll jungle, the icy cold island where the dead rest to the underworld where all the banished creatures dwell. 

With a big cast of characters your journey won’t ever feel tame. A big part of your adventure will be about knowing who to trust. 


finch killing enemies


The soundtrack for this game was made by Jonathan Geer (‘Owlboy’,  ‘Cook, Serve, Delicious’, ‘Heart Forth, Alicia’ and many more).

The Team

We started working on Mongrel way back in 2013. It all started when we scribbled down some design ideas and wacky stories, which in the end became the world of Mongrel.

Over the years the project has evolved quite a bit. Finch used to be a ginger with pink shoes! Our artist Roar Haug startet doing pixel art for the first time on this project, but has improved rapidly. 

Just have a look at some environment iterations with a screen from the current build to compare to. 

The level design and programming has been done by Håkon Wollan, who’s got many notebooks full of designs for this project. A quote often heard by him is «hard work, no pay.»

We hired concept artist Domen Kozelj to help us with environments and concepts. He’s the one who first created the design of Finch. Because of his incredible work on the environment concepts it became much easier for us to create something unique. 


We decided to use kickstarter for this project as a way for the fans to follow the progress along the way. We will only use the funding on external costs, since this is a passion project that we gladly do for free. If we reach our goal we’ll be able to bring this project to the next level and add in some content we’ve scrapped. We want to make this game the best it can be and we hope to do this with the help of our fans through kickstarter!

Finally we ended up at 110% funded 31.05.2019

gif mongrel pixel art
If you are interested in following the development, follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook
We have opened a discord server. Here you can also chat with us directly about the game and the development. Looking forward to seeing you there.